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Online 1 on 1 Guitar Coaching


These are 1 on 1 lessons via Skype.  Where everything is tailored to each of my students wants and needs.  We will set goals together and set you up for success to accomplish these goals as well as have the tools to keep pushing forward.


We can go over topics such as : Technique, Music Theory, Fretboard Visualization, Improvisation, Effective practice routines and Songwriting.  We don't need to go over all of this but I aim to guide my students to be a well rounded player and build confidence with the instrument. 


You will get lessons tailored towards your wants, needs and goals.  What you get with me as your teacher is someone who has been in your shoes.  You get honesty and someone who has been through where you are and where you want to go.  I don't give you bullshit.  I wouldn't sell you on something I wouldn't use myself.  I'll hold you to the highest version of yourself. 


It doesn't matter if you are simply beginning to play the guitar or working on advanced concepts. From holding the pick, your fretting hand, dealing with tension, bending, vibrato to advanced concepts like alternate picking, economy picking, sweep arpeggios, tapping.  We also will work on an effective way to develop speed as well as have them become second nature in your everyday playing. 


We can build a solid foundation of your music theory knowledge regardless where your current understanding is.  From knowing the notes on the staff, to major and minor scales, modes, chord construction to advanced concepts like extended chords exotic scales and modes and other tips and tricks I apply to songwriting. 


To understand the complexities of the fretboard.  To no longer be overwhelmed by not knowing where to go or where you even are.  Bringing your theory knowledge to a real life application of putting to the fretboard.  To give you tools and practices to be able to see and find anything you are looking for. 


The application of your theory, fretboard and aural skills.  Where you can really combine all of what you have been learning to a real life scenario.  To be able to play over chord changes.  To come up with lines on the spot feel confident with what you are creating.  


This is where we will come up with effective practice routines.  I feel as a teacher and a player that it's great to learn material, but would be a waste if there was no way to effectively execute it.  We will figure out your priorities and whats important to you as a player and how to tackle those goals.  To leave you with tools to continue to do it on your own, regardless of what you are looking to accomplish.


In my opinion it's my favorite part of being a musician.  To be able to take your ideas that you have in your head and put them to paper.  We will go over practical approaches to songwriting.  How I go about writing my songs as well as the things that I am thinking of.  My goal is to allow you to be confident and stand on your own two feet as a songwriter.  To create without bounds and to be your authentic self as an artist. 

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